Hall and Society AGMs

7pm Thursday 25th May in the Village Hall.

We’re only a small village yet we have two pubs, a restaurant, an active church, the best primary school in the county, one of the most successful fayres around, all of the activities above and many projects besides - and is all down to you, the folks that live, play and work here. 

On Thursday 25th, the Village Society and the Village Hall are holding their AGMs and they’re looking to do more, to join people together and help things happen. So, if you’ve a bee-in-your-bonnet, ants-in-your-pants or a pet-project; if you need help, can help or just want to know what’s going on; then come along and find out how to bring your ideas, your time, your contacts and your skills… and maybe leave a legacy.

Contact mat.grey@mac.com 07768 275913