Sites Promoted for Development in the Village

Over 200 dwellings have been promoted for development in the village

Five sites have been ‘promoted’ to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council as potential sites for the development of over 200 dwellings within Newgate Street. A similar process is happening all over the borough. See .

The council is inviting comments on these sites before 5pm on 18th June.

The Village Society has produced a document to increase awareness and to enable village residents to make comments with the minimum of difficulty and to the maximum effect.

The document can be found here: .

Residents are asked to please do a few things:

  • Put your name to the comments you agree with in the following pages and return them to the society.

  • Or, if you either wholly or partially disagree with the comments make you own representations accordingly.

  • AND make your own representations, in your own words, regardless.

There will be a workshop in the Village Hall side-room (Post Office room) on Tuesday 11th June. 7pm-9pm, to help answer questions and to help people make submissions. Please come along.